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Story Map: Pine Rockland History.  This engaging storymap created by biologists from Florida International University and University of Southern California takes visitors on a virtual tour through the history of South Florida pine rocklands, exploring human interactions with this unique ecosystem over time. Current conservation efforts, research activities, and resources are also highlighted. 

Hurricane Dorian's Aftermath:  On September 1st, 2019, Hurricane Dorian made landfall in The Northern Bahamas. This climate-charged storm wreaked havoc on people and communities in Abaco and Grand Bahama. This intense hurricane also left a devastating impact on the environment. The Bahamas National Trust along with its partners assembled teams on Abaco and Grand Bahama to assess the extent of the damage of this storm on the environment, including its impact on at-risk birds and their habitats. This is their story.

Visit former pine rockland (a Ghost Forest') in the Lower Keys with FIU professor Mike Ross.  This short video is part of a larger story that is available on WLRN: Click here to open that page.

3-minute pine rockland tour: Students from Miami's BioTECH@Richmond Heights magnet school explore various pine rocklands with biologists Daniel Valle and Joy Klein.  

BioTECH Pine Rocklands.mp4

Map of remaining pine rockland parcels in urban Miami

A cross-section of the Richmond pine rocklands, looking across the lake at Zoo Miami. Photo by Daniel Valle.

Pine Rockland Composition explores the globally imperiled pine rockland natural community in Everglades National Park and South Florida. Learn about this fire-dependent, subtropical community from a host of human and nonhuman perspectives.  Kudos to filmmaker Jen Brown for this wonderful homage to pine rocklands.

Pine Rockland Working Group field trip to Abaco.  November 16, 2006.  Photo by Chris Bergh/TNC.  

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